Orafol Releases Oracal and Orajet Wrapping Film Series


Orafol has announced three new Oracal and Orajet Series: Oracal 820 Safety Vinyl, Oracal 1740 Eco Print and ORAJET 3930 Photoluminescent.

Oracal 820 Safety Vinyl is a 2-mil, five-year, safety film specially formulated for tamper evident applications. This film can only be removed in small pieces that effectively prevent fraudulent handling of decals, labels and other markings. They are available in white gloss and matte.

Oracal 1740 Eco Print is a 3.5-mil, two-year, eco-friendly film perfect for short- to-medium term, outdoor, screen and UV offset print compatible applications. Available in white and transparent.

Orajet 3930 Photoluminescent is a 6-mil, 5-year, glow-in-the-dark, solvent printable film designed for indoor and outdoor emergency exit and warning signage. It is recommended for use with Oraguard 293 Laminating Film.

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