Orafol Announces New ORACAL 7710RA

Orafol announces new ORACAL 7710RA.
GSW – Mimaki

Orafol has extended its range of fluorescent films, developed for application onto emergency services vehicles. The new ORACAL 7710RA comes in fluorescent yellow and fluorescent red, and offers extended durability as well as improved application properties.

Features include:

-Fluorescent cast PVC film (170 micron).
-The RapidAir technology enables easy and quick application, without air inclusion, especially in large scale applications. Entrapped air can be easily removed by smoothing it out under the film.
-2 glossy colours.
-Intense fluorescence at daylight exposure.
-Solvent polyacrylate, permanent.
-Service life by specialist application: 3 years.

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