Onyx Graphics’ New Automation Libraries Help Print Shops Automate Faster


The new ONYX Automation Libraries are available now to all ONYX users through the myonyx portal. The Libraries help print shops automate faster, improve print workflow efficiencies and reduce manual errors. These automation resource libraries contain examples of print and cut workflow configurations using ONYX Quick Sets and Adobe swatch libraries used for cutting.

Current libraries can be used immediately after download, or as examples that can be edited or adjusted to directly impact automation workflow needs of a print shop. Included are example Quick Sets for banners, wraps, greyscale and tiling with a variety of finishing mark settings. Also provided are Adobe Illustrator colour swatch libraries for common cutter devices such as Summa, Graphtec and HP to further reduce set-up time for print and cut workflows.

‘As print shops pivot to provide new and innovative print applications and streamline print processes, it is clear automation is essential to achieve business goals,’ said Matt Crawford, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. ‘ONYX Quick Sets provide a fast, easy way to automate. These Quick Set examples will help print shops focus on production instead of file preparation.’

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