Onyx Graphics Announces New Software Version


Version 12.2 from Onyx Graphics includes: improved RIP and data transfer processing speeds, new multi-roll functionality, job scaling and rotation and cut workflow enhancements.

A new multi-roll user interface delivers an interactive workflow showing a live view of loaded media with automated roll selection between jobs in the RIP-queue and enhanced media and page size handling to streamline printer configurations and job setup.

A new user-interface shows device-specific information based on bi-directional data, including easily visible ink levels, printer status and media information.

Cutting workflow updates include the ability to handle multiple cut-path prefixes and duplication of cutter device settings, enabling greater automation. Production time is reduced and workflows are streamlined with job scaling and rotation directly from the file-open dialogue before sending jobs to the RIP-queue.

Version 12.2 is available for the full Onyx software product line including Thrive workflow software and ProductionHouse, PosterShop and RIPCenter RIP software.


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