Onyx Graphics Announces Global Availability Of ONYX Hub 2.0


ONYX Hub 2.0 is now globally available. Complete with ONYX Hub 2.0 is a redesigned intuitive user interface that automatically optimises for use on any device. The new responsive framework provides real-time access to print production data from any network desktop, tablet or mobile device to enable time-sensitive business decisions based on actual data.

ONYX Hub helps business owners answer questions such as ‘how profitable am I?’ or ‘what’s my actual waste?’, and is a unique approach to bringing real production data into a print shop to make better business decisions. ONYX Hub 2.0 introduces data protection with new secure server encryption and active user management controls to protect sensitive print production data and secure customer information. ONYX Hub 2.0 also introduces a new site-wide job submission capability from one central location, improving print processes and saving valuable production time to print more jobs per day.

‘Gaining insight into the entire print production environment helps business owners and production managers diagnose areas for improvement, optimise their business and improve profitability,’ said Jonathan Rogers, International Marketing Manager at Onyx Graphics. ‘With ONYX Hub 2.0, business owners can now provide relevant data at every level of print production to showcase how each person contributes to the success of their business.’

Highlights of ONYX Hub 2.0 include:

• HTTPS browsing keeps customer information secure and protects sensitive print production data.
• New user management controls provide custom views for printer utilisation, ink and media waste reporting, or costs for any user.
• New job submission capability improves print processes from pre-press to production, saving valuable time to print more jobs per day.
• Applying job edits or automation using Quick Sets from ONYX Hub directly to ONYX Thrive reduces manual error.
• Responsive design provides real-time access to print production data on any network desktop, tablet or mobile device web browser.

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