ONYX Announces Global Release Of Print Shop Software

ONYX Announces Global Release Of Software

Combined with new dynamic print label capabilities, the new Onyx 21, now globally available, delivers innovative tools for print shop branding with flexibility to connect to existing business tools. 

Onyx 21 introduces Swatch Books 2.0 to print, scan, iterate and report on the ideal colour match, with options to add print mode defined colours in a single click. Intuitive PDF tile maps to streamline tile job workflows and help guide installation with the ability to produce tile maps before, during or after printing can be automated using Onyx Quick Sets.

‘We’re amazed at the response Onyx 21 has already received through our virtual launch events,’ said Matt Crawford, Director of Product Marketing at Onyx Graphics. ‘Customers are already seeing the impact of Swatch Books 2.0 with fast colour matching, while new print label capabilities are providing opportunities both inside and outside their print shop.’

Highlights of Onyx 21 include:

– Print, scan, iterate and report on the ideal colour match using Swatch Books 2.0.
– Add print mode defined colours in a single click.
– Generate colour-managed tile maps including tile list information to guide installation.
– Utilise portable Adobe PDF tile maps for installation, customer transparency and print job previews.
– Automate tile maps on any job using Quick Sets 2.0.
– Add images to print labels including logos for increase brand visibility.
– Rotate print labels 180 degrees on banners and canvas prints.
– Generate dynamic QR codes with important job information.
– Connect to existing business tools using barcodes or QR codes.
– The latest Adobe technology including Adobe PDF Converter APC 3.1.

Tel: +27 11 792 1348
Email: sales@graficomp.co.za
Website: http://www.graficomp.co.za


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