Océ has added four new models to its Océ Arizona® 400 printer Series, including the Océ Arizona 460 GT, Océ Arizona 460 XT, Océ Arizona 440 GT and Océ Arizona 440 XT.

Joining the Océ Arizona 480 GT and Océ Arizona 480 XT models introduced in October 2012, these models complete the Océ Arizona 400 Series of next-generation UV flatbed printers that feature quality, improved productivity, application versatility and the ability to upgrade as your business grows.

The Océ Arizona 400 Series includes six different UV flatbed printers featuring four, six or eight independent ink channels in two different flatbed sizes, offering a range of applications capabilities and capacity to suit any mid-volume print service provider. And as a provider’s needs change, an upgrade path is available to ensure that the investment in an Océ Arizona 400 Series printer is protected from obsolescence.

Included in these new models, Océ VariaDot imaging technology can produce near-photographic quality with sharpness equivalent to 1440 dpi or higher. Text as small as 2 pt. is legible, even when reverse-printed (white ink on a black field). Active Pixel Placement Compensation ensures image sharpness, density and uniformity, wherever it is printed on the flatbed or on the Roll Media Option. This feature is standard on all Océ Arizona 400 Series printers.

A variable vacuum system featuring six vacuum zones on the Océ Arizona 400 Series GT models – seven on Océ Arizona 400 Series XT models – are configured to match the majority of standard-sized graphics arts media to reduce or eliminate manual masking, thereby decreasing operator intervention and increasing productivity.

A batch mode supports complex, multi-layered jobs – those requiring multiple passes for specialty applications. These jobs can now be streamlined using the new batch mode tools, eliminating operator intervention between operations. Included on all Océ Arizona 400 Series models, batch mode can also be used to produce sets of prints sequentially for easy collation and fulfillment.

The Océ Arizona 460 GT and Océ Arizona 460 XT models include six independent ink channels with the first four configured for standard CMYK printing. Channels five and six can be configured in two ways that offer flexibility to meet the demands of various jobs:

Varnish + White: Using white ink, print service providers can produce exceptional quality prints on a variety of non-white substrates – including backlit prints that can command premium prices. Varnish can be used as a spot or flood decorative element for attention-getting results at premium prices.

Double-White: Alternatively, when not required for use in printing varnish, the sixth channel can be used as an additional white ink channel to provide double the opacity in a single printing pass for higher productivity when printing white ink jobs. This is particularly beneficial for backlit and industrial applications.

Print service providers can use these two channels in whichever configuration best suits their needs, changing from Varnish + White to Double-White (and vice versa) on demand.

Océ Arizona 440 GT and Océ Arizona 440 XT models include CMYK ink channels only, for those shops that do not initially need the capacity for Varnish or White Ink printing.

The Océ Arizona 400 Series printer family is designed to grow with a print service provider’s business. Owners can upgrade at any time to add more application versatility and improve productivity. The following upgrades are available:

  • Océ Arizona 440 to Océ Arizona 460 adds Varnish + White or Double-White capability.
  • Océ Arizona 460 to Océ Arizona 480 adds CM2 capability.
  • Océ Arizona 440 to Océ Arizona 480 adds Varnish + White or Double-White capability, plus CM2 capability.

The last two ink channels included on Océ Arizona 480 models are used to enhance both print quality – beyond the award-winning level already available in every Océ Arizona printer – and print speed by adding extra cyan and magenta nozzle capacity. Called CM2 [C-M-squared], the additional cyan and magenta nozzle capacity offers Production print modes that rival the slower Quality-oriented modes in terms of sharpness, uniformity and smoothness. Users can take advantage of this improved print quality to realize higher net productivity, since more demanding jobs can now be printed in the faster print modes.

All Océ Arizona 400 Series printers are suitable for a variety of display graphics applications including POP/POS, retail signage, backlit images, exhibition graphics, etc. They can also be used for specialty applications where the decorated substrate is not meant primarily for display purposes (e.g. package prototyping, short-run packaging, wallpaper and interior decoration, and consumer product decoration).

All Océ Arizona Series printers share the same award-winning image quality and robust architecture, offering the Océ values of quality, reliability, productivity and user-friendliness. In all, Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers have earned more than 30 industry awards to date from organisations throughout the world.