NUtec Introduces NUbis and NUsolution At FESPA Africa


NUtec officially introduced their continuous ink supply system, NUbis, to the local market at FESPA Africa and Sign Africa (22-24 July), as well as the first adaptors from their line of NUadaptors for Durst and HP-FB Machines.

The NUbis (NUtec Bulk Ink System) provides the performance and reliability of a cartridge with the economy of a bulk ink system. Its unveiling gave visitors the opportunity to see the full extent of the unique system’s capability with the flexibility of up-scaling to accommodate up to 8 x 1000ml or 2000ml ink pouches. These uniquely designed pouches facilitate high-speed printing with reduced risk of nozzle drop outs and can also be replaced during printing for uninterrupted production and maximum machine performance.

Designed as a closed ink delivery system, the NUbis system ensures the printer’s sub tank remains free of possible contaminants often found in a conventional open bulk ink system which could compromise the quality of prints and the reliability of the printer. The current package configuration is available in the Emerald and Topaz ranges for Epson print heads, with solid plans to expand to the brands’ other ink ranges.

Durst and HP-FB users will also now have access to the NUtec range of UV products as the first components from the NUadaptors series are released. These components consist of specially designed adaptor caps and aluminium positioning plates which secure the NUtec bottles in the printers, offering the flexibility of choosing from any of the NUtec UV ink products.

Engineered to support a simple and efficient conversion process, the NUadaptor range promises an extended set of benefits to users including economical performance, no ink wastage, and wider choice of ink options. ‘We understand the importance of making their UV Cured inks accessible to the growing range of printers in the market,’ said Neil Green, NUtec’s Sales and Marketing Director. ‘We are confident that their NUadaptors will go a long way to making this a reality.’

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