NUtec Digital Launches NUbis Ink Supply System


The NUbis bulk ink supply system combines the performance and reliability of a cartridge with the economy of a bulk system.

The system, developed by the engineering team at NUtec Digital Ink, uses a unique connector valve with a vacuum sealed bag in a 100% recyclable cardboard cartridge box. The NUbis valve is specially designed to allow users to quickly replace the cartridge without contaminating the ink or allowing air to enter the system.

The NUbis ink pouch is based on the concept of an original cartridge, designed to ensure an  uninterrupted ink supply to the printer. Each NUbis modular stand holds two 1000ml or 2000ml cartridges containing degassed bags, each angled at 30 degrees to ensure efficient emptying. The ink pouch is quick and easy to replace when empty, during printing and without disruption.

Neil Green, NUtec Digital Ink marketing and sales director said, ‘NUbis will help our customers to protect their equipment investment and reduce costs. It has been developed in close cooperation with our partners to meet the growing demand from our customers in over 80 countries for an economical and reliable bulk ink system which performs like a cartridge system.’

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