What Is The State Of The Signage And Printing Industry In 2021?

Don’t miss out on our webinar where you can get first-hand insight into current trends in the signage and printing industry.

The webinar – being hosted on 15 April 2021 – is proudly sponsored by: Falcon, Fujifilm, Midcomp and Roland. These industry suppliers will give their views on industry trends, supplier issues and more.

These include:

– Which industry sectors experienced an increase in demand?
– What are the key trends for 2021?
– Are there still concerns over China’s supply chain?
– Advice for print and signage business owners to seize opportunities.
– How Covid-19 has affected the market.
– How their customers have adapted.

Part of this webinar will include results from surveys sent out to readers asking them what they expect from suppliers and what their biggest pain points concerning supply are. You can still take our survey here. Suppliers will have a chance to respond to these issues as well as provide a well-rounded and balanced view of what 2021 holds and what the trends and issues are.

There will also be an audience Q&A session.

Date: 15 April 2021
Time: 11AM SAST.

Register here for free. Don’t have time? Register anyway and you will be sent the link automatically.


– Devandran Naicker, Falcon.
– Rob Makinson, Midcomp.
– Grant Potgieter, Fujifilm.
– Bob Glenister, Roland.

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Mutoh Europe Releases New Dye Sublimation Inkjet Printer

The new XpertJet 1682WR roll fed dye sublimation inkjet printer has been developed for high quality graphics for transfer onto all possible types of polyester coated or polyester based rigids, gadgets and flexible materials.

Applications encompass in-store textile displays, personalised interior décor, custom apparel, soft signage, sportswear, customised promotional products, giftware and more. Engineered and designed in Japan, this new dye sublimation printer model is the successor to Mutoh’s award-winning ValueJet 1638WX dye sublimation printer.

Featuring a high level of print production efficiency, the 162cm wide XPJ-1682WR accommodates two gold plated piezo variable drop printheads, producing stunning results in 4, 6, 7 or 8 colour ink setups. The piezo print heads are capable of firing drops from 2.8 pl up to 33.9 pl.

Cleverly designed, the XpertJet 1682WR combines multiple product enhancements that will deliver optimum quality results and an excellent user experience. A newly developed multi-stage pressure roller system will enhance media feed stability for a wide range of sublimation papers. Rolls can be easily installed thanks to a new enhanced roll off system and newly developed media flanges. Continuous printing is made possible with the different motorised take-up systems, for rolls weights up to 30, 40 or 100kg and roll diameters from 150 to 250mm.

The XPJ-1682WR printer also integrates Mutoh’s new ‘Media Tracker’ technology. With this new feature, the user can print a barcode on the roll of media in use before it is removed from the printer. When reloading the same roll of media, the XPJ-1682WR will read the barcode and will automatically detect how much media is left on the roll.

Available immediately, this dual head high quality dye sublimation printer will fit both start-up and established businesses wanting to extend their product portfolio.

Product highlights

– Successor to Mutoh’s popular and award-winning ValueJet 1638WX.
– Transfer sublimation printing up to 1625mm (63.97”).
– Two gold plated piezo drop on demand heads on board, drop sizes from 2.8 pl to 33.9 pl.
– Typical production speeds between 10sqm/h and 48sqm/h.
– Up to 8 colour set-up.
– New multi-language and intuitive OLED operation panel.
– Easy access illuminated print platform.
– Enhanced media handling and transport.
– Ready for volume printing: 30, 40 or 100kg motorised take up systems.
– ‘Media Tracker’ feature to easily track remaining media left on a part-used roll.
– Environmentally-friendly printing and high level of operator safety.


Tel: +27 11 451 8600
Email: josh@mipstech.co.za
Website: http://www.mipstech.co.za

Nyala UV LED Printer Heads Category Sales Rankings Again

The Nyala UV LED printer, swissQprint’s flagship model, features a flatbed measuring 3.2 x 2 metres, maximum productivity of 206 square metres per hour, and a varied range of add-on options. For the last six years, the Nyala flatbed printer has been the most popular product in its category in Europe – as confirmed by Infosource, the Swiss research institute.

Nyala once again heads the European sales rankings in its category ‘UV flatbed/hybrid printers >60” (152.4 cm) wide in the EUR 130,000 – 500,000 price segment’. Infosource compared sales data for all brands and models surveyed in 2020.

The Nyala is a universal and versatile tool that can process rigid materials in lengths of up to four metres as well as continuous roll-fed media. Varnish and spot colours along with new neon inks for UV printing open up outstanding application possibilities. Nyala’s precision, reliability and durability ensure high added value combined with low operating costs.

Alongside Nyala, the swissQprint range includes two other modular flatbed models – Impala and Oryx – as well as the Karibu roll to roll printer. To boost productivity, speed model versions of Nyala, Impala and Karibu are also available.

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EFI Flatbed Printer Expands Customer’s Display Graphics Offerings

The EFI Pro 30f UV LED flatbed printer, which supports media up to 10cm thick, features EFI’s UltraDrop Technology with variable greyscale 7 to 21 picolitre drop sizes for ideal colour gradients and smoothing capability. Its large bed size delivers a maximum printable area of 120 x 80 inches (3.05 x 2.04m) and bleed printing, with express mode maximum speed of up to 198 square metres (2130 square feet) per hour at up resolutions up to 1200 dots per inch.

Linemark is expanding its display graphics offerings, delivering greater substrate selection and product choices to its customers using the printer. With its high-quality output, opaque white ink and versatile ‘cool cure’ UV LED curing technology, the new flatbed printer gives the Washington, D.C.-metro area print business the ability to produce new applications, reduce cycle time and replace revenue losses created by the pandemic.

‘There is momentum to support growth in large format,’ said David Ashton, a partner at Linemark responsible for the company’s business development. ‘Demand declined in 2020 for large format overall, largely due to cancellation of events and conferences. But we know the volume is coming back in 2021, and we wanted to be prepared.’

The printer – which Linemark purchased from authorised EFI distributor Nazdar SourceOne® – delivers high productivity and image quality at a competitive price, with four colours plus dual channels of white and multi-layer printing capabilities. An EFI Fiery®proServer Core digital front end is included for the ultimate in processing speed and colour quality.

While Linemark has felt the pandemic’s impact in work for trade shows and events, with the EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer the company is expanding its capabilities, recovering a good portion of lost business by fulfilling wall art orders that come to Linemark online through partnerships with popular online craft marketplaces. ‘Our print-on-demand wall art business has exploded,’ Ashton explained. ‘People are nesting at home and redecorating. They are looking at the four walls of their homes and wanting something different.’

Linemark prints on a wide range of substrates, including acrylic, foam board and Dibond®. ‘The Dibond aluminum composite sheet, specially optimised for display, makes stunning wall art, and being able to print on that, including with white ink, has been a big boost to our wall art business,’ said Steve Bearden, Linemark’s president.

‘The vast majority of our direct mail customers also have work printed on our Pro 30f,’ Bearden added. ‘Not only do we produce direct mail to promote meetings and events, but we also produce clients’ signage for their conference booths. This one-stop approach has been enabled by our EFI Pro 30f. And our clients have certainly noticed the boost in quality.’

Linemark had been doing wide format flatbed work previously, but with a printer that had neither the productivity nor the white ink the company needed to capture more work. ‘Our Nazdar sales rep called us and brought us samples from various flatbed and hybrid printers,’ said Bearden. ‘The EFI Pro 30f was the clear choice. The quality and productivity are phenomenal.’

Printing on acrylic has also been a growth area for the company, especially during the pandemic, and the EFI Pro 30f printer is ideal for those jobs, as well as for work on other substrates.

The printer’s six-zone, user-selectable vacuum system ensures efficient hold-down for no unintended media movement, Plus, the printer requires less heat for curing or drying compared with traditional UV inkjet or latex printers, making it ideal for Linemark to print on corrugated boards that could otherwise warp under high heat and create damaging head strikes during the printing process. Non-profit sector clients especially benefit from the corrugated capability, as Linemark is using the Pro 30f printer to help those clients stand out with premium-quality gift boxes sent to their high-value donors.


How The New Approach To Waste Management Affects Obligated Printing Industry Producers

Printing SA will explain the mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) outlined in the National Environmental Management: Waste Act during a free webinar on Tuesday, 20 April. Draft amendments to the regulations and notices regarding EPR have been published. The implementation of the EPR Regulations was postponed to 5 May 2021 to address concerns raised by affected producers.

Draft regulations on Section 18 Regulations to the National Environmental Management: Waste Act were published on 19 March 2021 for the third time. The first regulations were published on 5 November 2020, and on 15 January 2021. The amended Regulations and notices regarding Extended Producer Responsibility were published, postponing the effective date by six months.

The regulations outline a new approach to waste management in South Africa and will contribute significantly to the diversion of waste from landfills. An EPR scheme is a policy approach under which producers are given the end-of-life financial, administrative and operational responsibility for their products put on the market. Register for the webinar to find out if your company is an obligated producer (brand owners, manufacturers, importers, converters and retailers) of listed products to take back and recycle their products at the end of their useful lives. The webinar will help you understand the intention of the regulation and what the obligatory requirements are.

A PRO is an organisation that assists producers meet their extended producer responsibility targets through various key stakeholders within the value chain in the country. The PRO is responsible for setting up and managing the value chain mechanisms for the targeted waste material and to create awareness for the recycling of all waste. The webinar panel of PRO’s will present their frameworks and give insight into their registration, collection processes and fees.

Host: Dr Abdool Majid Mahomed, CEO of Printing SA


– Francois Marais, Business Development Manager of Fibre Circle, a Producer Responsibility Organisation representing paper and the paper packaging sector.
– Anben Pillay, Director of Waste Policy and Information Management for the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries.
– Adri Spangenberg, CEO at Polystyrene Association of South Africa and South African Vinyls Association (SAVA).
– Kishan Singh, CEO at MetPac-SA, a Producer Responsibility Organisation representing the Metal Packaging Industry in SA.
– Quinton Williams, Business Manager at Polyco (the Polyolefin Responsibility Organisation).

Date: Tuesday 20 April
Time: 9am – 10h30am.

Register here. Don’t have time to watch? Register anyway, and you will be sent the link automatically.

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SA International Announces Newest Version Of CAD/CAM Software

EnRoute 7 CAD/CAM software has a new and modern user interface geared to make workflows easier. The interface includes right click how to videos providing instant access to SAi training videos. SAi has also included a Cloud window in the new EnRoute interface that allows customers to easily manage their account, access support and connect them to the new EnRoute knowledge base.

EnRoute 7 is packed with all the features of SAi’s previous version of the software but now has a 64-bit engine, making the software faster and more productive and keeping shops moving at optimum efficiency.

Other efficiency-enhancing tools available to users are improved fill logistics as well as advanced editing tools. Additionally, EnRoute 7 now includes the flatbed distortion tool that cuts based on the location of printed fiducials, so no camera systems are needed.

SAi is currently offering EnRoute 7 as a subscription or traditional purchase. Current SAi EnRoute subscription users will be automatically upgraded to the new version free of charge.

Tel: +27 11 792 1348
Email: sales@graficomp.co.za
Website: http://www.graficomp.co.za


Intamarket Showcasing Protection Film, Tapes, Xanita Board And More At Sign Africa Gauteng Expo

Intamarket Graphics will showcase a range of solutions at the upcoming Sign Africa Gauteng Expo, taking place 21-23 April at Emperor’s Palace.

The event will comply with current Covid-19 regulations to keep visitors and exhibitors safe. Entrance is free, please register online.

Physically on the stand: 

Touchshield surface protection film

Intamarket Showcasing Protection Film, Tapes, Printers, Cutters And More At Sign Africa Gauteng Expo

Touchshield™ is a clear, watermarked film for easy integration into any work or public environment. It is available in a range of standard tape sizes, from 100mm to 1.27m to best suit your project. It has been created to protect against 99% of viruses and 99% of bacteria, whilst reassuring and providing peace of mind.

ReSPR Air Purification Technology

ReSPR 1000 HVAC 22.86cm (9”) units substantially reduce odours, visible smoke in the air and microbial populations in air and on surfaces, using the NCC technology. It is perfect for indoor pollution control, odour reduction, contamination prevention, etc. NCC consists of a special UV light and photocatalyst target, creating an Advanced Oxidation Process containing several friendly oxidisers.

Intamarket Showcasing Protection Film, Tapes, Printers, Cutters And More At Sign Africa Gauteng Expo

The ReSPR3001 substantially reduces odours, visible smoke in the air and microbial populations in air and on surfaces, using the NCC technology. It is perfect for indoor pollution control, odour reduction, contamination prevention, etc.

Intamarket Showcasing Protection Film, Tapes, Printers, Cutters And More At Sign Africa Gauteng Expo

Foot pumps

Intamarket Showcasing Protection Film, Tapes, Printers, Cutters And More At Sign Africa Gauteng Expo

Easy to use and adjustable to fit various bottle sizes, this is the ideal safety addition for any retail provider. Full custom branding options are included.


Intamarket Showcasing Protection Film, Tapes, Printers, Cutters And More At Sign Africa Gauteng Expo

– 3M tapes and adhesives.
– Altezze tapes.
– Eurocel tapes.
– Orabond tapes and primers.

Xanita Board 

Xanita board is an engineered fibreboard manufactured from fibres recovered from recycled used cardboard boxes. Xanita core is decorated with various surface finishes, including digital print ready kraft paper liners, or more rigid skins including MDF and birch plywood. The back wall of Intamarket’s stand is made of this so visitors can experience the look and feel.

The company will also showcase social distancing floor markers.

Products that will be showcased virtually, online, as well as on the TV on the company’s expo stand:

The company will exhibit its equipment range (there will also be QR links to online demonstrations and the company will be taking requests and bookings for onsite demonstrations at its demonstration centre):

– Grand format printers and cutters (Roland, Stratojet, Blackman & White, Intec and Bigzee).
– Grand format UV printers (Roland, Stratojet and Fujifilm).
– Dye sublimation and heat presses (Roland, Stratojet, Fulei).
– Wide format laminators (Fulei).
– PVC welders (Miller Weldmaster).
– Small format solutions (Intec).

Full range of consumables

– Vinyls, wrap films, flexible and rigid substrates, tools, etc.
– Newly launched Chemica Heat Transfer Films.
– Intatex textile print and display range.

Tel: +27 11 444 0404
Email: inta@intamarket.co.za
Website: intamarket-graphics.co.za
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Vehicle Wrap Of The Week: Mint Wrapworks

Sign Africa takes a weekly look at some of the most unique wraps. This week’s vehicle wrap features an Audi R8 wrapped in 3M gloss Dragonfire Red.

If you would like to feature in our weekly highlights, send your eye-catching wraps to journo@practicalpublishing.co.za

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Enter The 2021 Roland Speed Wrap Challenge

The popular Roland Speed Wrap Challenge will be held at the upcoming Sign Africa Gauteng expo, taking place from 21-23 April at Emperor’s Palace Convention Centre. 

The event will comply with current Covid-19 regulations to keep visitors and exhibitors safe. Entrance is free, please register online.

Wrap a car door in under 10 minutes and stand a chance to win cash prizes every two hours in the challenge, brought to you by platinum sponsor Roland, vinyl sponsor GrafiWrap (distributed by Maizey Plastics) and expo organiser Sign Africa.

Compete in 3 easy steps:

1. Register to visit the expo for free here.
2. Visit the Roland stand and register up to three of your best wrappers. Your registration will be confirmed with your time slot.
3. Be present at your time slot and wrap a door in 10 minutes to the best standards.

Cash prizes

First place: R500, second place: R300 and third place: R200.


Wrap Lord – score more than 45 points and double your money.


The Wrap King – the highest points of the day will be invited to compete at the Sign Africa Sub-Saharan Expo 2021.

Register here for the Sign Africa Gauteng expo at the Emperors Palace Convention Centre.

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Printing SA Updates Industry With Training Courses And More

Printing SA has announced its latest news, including training courses, the latest government legislation, regulatory news and more.

Business Management Programme

Printing SA’s Business Management Programme (BMP) is the perfect stand-alone, or follow-up course for those who have completed the Team Leader Programme. The BMP course was developed in collaboration with WITS Commercial Enterprise and introduces new managers to concepts and business skills. This prepares candidates to take on responsibilities that will contribute effectively towards the growth and development of the organisation. Learn more and register today.

Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials

Printing SA’s Adobe Illustrator CC Essentials course is ideal as a standalone course or the next step for those who have completed Printing SA’s Photoshop and InDesign courses. This course has been developed for new users, and covers topics aligned to the specifications of the new QCTO Electronic Prepress Technician Qualifications. Learn more and register today.

Waste Act: Norms and Standards for the Treatment of Organic Waste

On 29 March, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries released a Government Notice for consultation on the Draft National Norms and Standards for the Treatment of Organic Waste. This notice falls under the National Environmental Management: Waste Act of 2008 (Act No. 59 of 2008).

The purpose of this act is to set the norms and standards aimed at controlling the processing of organic waste material at facilities to avoid, prevent or minimise the potential negative impact on the biophysical environment. You can learn more about this Government Notice on the South African Government’s official website and comments are open until 30 April 2020. Read the full government notice.

Printing SA new benefits

To mark their 110th anniversary, Printing SA have launched new member benefits including: industry-specific medical cover, access to Productivity SA and SASFIN Finance, discounts on HP, Dell and Apple products and the new Virtual Safety Officer. Log in to the Printing SA members portal for more information.

How The New Approach To Waste Management Affects Obligated Printing Industry Producers

Printing SA will explain the mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) outlined in the National Environmental Management: Waste Act during a free webinar on Tuesday, 20 April at 9am. Register here. Don’t have time to watch? Register anyway, and you will be sent the link automatically.

Tel: +27 11 287 1160
Email: info@printingsa.org
Website: http://www.printingsa.org
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