New Wave Outdoor Media (NWOM), has developed 3D cab innovations in South Africa, attracting a wide range of international brands such as Adidas and Superga.

Warren Weiner, MD of New Wave Outdoor Media said, ‘The captive 3D designs are far more attractive to brands than standard one dimensional designs. The consumer is harder to reach. The rules have changed. Different is the new normal and consumers now have the precedent power to ignore like never before. We saw a gap in the market for something creative within the OOH media space and have taken our taxi branding one step further to become the first company in South Africa to construct and manufacture 3D rendering of objects on taxi’s.’

Achieving innovative and engaging means of advertising investment that are simultaneously cost-effective is one of the biggest challenges facing brands. As the economic climate has increasingly become more difficult, so marketing budgets have come under greater scrutiny, propelling brands and businesses to seek more ‘wow’ factor and greater return on investment.  In many cases, therefore, traditional means of advertising simply don’t hold enough appeal to as many brands anymore.

‘Its not just a case of inserting a giant structure on the roof of a cab. Many months of research has taken place between myself and my production team to source the correct materials in order to cope with the different environmental conditions, especially in the coastal areas, and perfect the technical art of these innovations,’  adds Weiner.

Taxi branding offers the advertiser an opportunity to stand out and breakthrough the marketing clutter and engage in highly visible and effective campaigns that can penetrate where other forms of traditional advertising cannot. Weiner continues, ‘Research that we have conducted with an external company comparing a branded taxi versus a billboard has shown that in this particular case study, approximately 1 in 6 respondents noticed the branded cab, 1 in 3 recalled the correct brand on the vehicle and 1 in 16 respondents recalled the electronic billboard. Proving that innovative taxi branding is far more noticable in the public eye, therefore having a greater impact and reach at a cost effective rate.’

On top of this innovation, NWOM also offers an online tracking system and post campaign analysis to clients as a means of measurability to add to their ROI. Weiner concludes ‘Taxi branding is a breakaway from tradition that is measurable and effective. Our system offers clients the opportunity to login at any given time and access critical information such as how long a vehicle has been in a specific zone or LSM area.’