New MetCal Software Improves Print Quality Of Single-Pass Systems

New MetCal Software Improves Print Quality Of Single-Pass Systems
GSW – Mimaki

Further enhancing Meteor’s software portfolio, MetCal solves some of the biggest challenges faced by single-pass inkjet, particularly across the web, and is available for any system using Meteor electronics.

MetCal runs Meteor’s innovative new nozzle-out compensation technology and automates the usage of PrintFlat. This ground-breaking tool creates a unique calibration screen for each individual printer and works together with an embedded version of ScreenPro to remove repeatable artefacts due to variations in performance within a printhead and in the stitch area between printheads.

Clive Ayling, Meteor’s managing director commented, ‘MetCal addresses long-standing industry issues associated with single-pass printing such as single pixel streaks caused by clogged or failed nozzles, banding due to printhead stitching issues, and streaking or mottling on various substrate types. Customers can now benefit from straightforward printer calibration and dramatic print quality improvement, all integrated into a neat Meteor package.’


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