Netflorist Purchases BROTHER GTX

Netflorist Purchases BROTHER GTX
Caption: Hilton Semu and Angela Rebelo, Netflorist.

Floral and gifting service provider Netflorist purchased a Brother GTX, direct-to-garment-digital printer from Colorscreen to further enhance their range of personalised clothing, such as T-shirts, baby wear and a host of other printable items.

The GTX print heads, developed by Brother, contain many more nozzles than its previous print heads. This allows for prints at 1200 x 1200 dpi in a single pass, resulting in high quality prints at mass production level speed. This makes the Brother GTX printer two to three times faster than the previous model GT-381.

The GTX’s new design stacks the white print head behind the CMYK, so when the platen comes out, the design is fully printed. The print driver can be set to pause for a specified length of time between the laydown of the white underbase and colours. This allows for the printing of traditionally difficult fabrics that absorb more ink.

The user will experience less maintenance and downtime due to nozzles clogging with the new white ink circulation system, which keeps the white ink in suspension, and wet capping station that helps eliminate the ink from drying on the bottom of the nozzle plate.

Netflorist +27 (0) 86 130 0600

COLORSCREEN +27215116750

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