Neschen Announces Eco-Friendly Point Of Sale PP Film

Neschen Announces Eco-Friendly Point Of Sale PP Film
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Neschen increasingly focuses on green product alternatives. Its new eco-friendly PP film features exceptionally easy application. The innovative dot adhesive allows a bubble-free application, even for untrained individuals, and residue-free removal – ideal for short-term promotional campaigns at the point of sale. 

With the new UVprint PP easy dot® matt, customers benefit from a polypropylene film with a very homogeneous surface. The more rigid PP polymer enables using ten percent less material, thus reducing waste. Besides being an eco-friendlier choice, Neschen’s portfolio addition has virtually no shrinkage. The special feature of easy dot® films is their extremely easy handling.

The new film offers photorealistic printing results and is optimised for UV-curable inks. The water-based adhesive and the PVC-free substrate make the new easy dot® an environmentally friendly product. It is available in sizes of 50m x 137.2cm and 50m x 160cm.


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