Neenah Coldenhove Launches Xtreme Dry And Xtreme Sports

Neenah Coldenhove launches Xtreme Dry and Xtreme Sports.
GSW – Mimaki

Neenah Coldenhove has launched two new sublimation transfer papers: Xtreme Dry and Xtreme Sports. 

Xtreme Sports

This paper was developed in response to the rising demand for a sublimation paper suitable for industrial sportswear applications.

Packed with innovative and industrial features such as fast drying, brilliant colours and smooth runnability properties, this 90gsm paper allows for a high ink coverage. It is the perfect solution when it comes to sportswear printing applications for industrial platforms.

Xtreme Dry

With Xtreme Dry, Neenah Coldenhove creates possibilities for a new market. This sublimation paper is designed for high production printers. Xtreme Dry has a weight of 70gsm and introduces a revolutionary drying speed.

As Xtreme Dry will be available in rolls of up to 3.2 metres wide, it will be highly suitable for the soft signage market.

Both sublimation papers were launched during FESPA 2018.


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