Neenah Coldenhove Launches JETCOL DHS

Neenah Coldenhove launches JETCOL DHS.

The new JETCOL DHS will offer the market a way to print complex images with photographic quality results, with the aim of revolutionising paper performance in the hard substrates market.

JETCOL DHS makes it easier to image professional digital photography on hard surfaces with impressive photo quality. It is equipped with a coating that keeps the ink on the surface of the paper, which leads to ink savings of up to 40% with a transfer time of only 30 seconds.

In order to get the best results out of the paper, Neenah Coldenhove will support ICC profiling for the best results. Furthermore, the back of the paper is printed with a grid pattern, making it easier to determine which side of the paper needs to be placed on the substrate for proper transfer and for alignment of the image.


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