NEC Display Updates Direct View LED Line-Up


The next generation, dubbed Q2, will improve on its predecessor with higher quality images and an extended lifespan. Improvements in image quality include more displayable colours and a higher refresh rate, thanks to new LEDs used in the Q2’s construction.

This results in better colour reproduction with wide viewing angles. It is rated for a lifespan of 100,000 hours of continuous operation, and the ability to service the unit from either the front or rear makes installation and placement a breeze. It retains its square shape, giving customers and integrators creative flexibility in shaping their displays.

The Q2 is a full product line upgrade with multiple pixel pitch options for both indoor and outdoor models. Indoor panels are available in 2.8mm and 3.9mm, and outdoor panels are available in 2.8mm, 3.9mm, and for extended viewing distances, 4.8mm.’

‘Rolling out a wide variety of product options is in line with NEC’s overall product strategy,’ said Art Marshall, Senior Product Manager of Solutions at NEC Display. ‘This flexibility gives us and our integration partners the solutions we need to fit any customer’s specifications.’

The Q2 is capable of producing extraordinarily bright images, perfect for indoor and outdoor locations that receive a high amount of ambient light, including direct sunlight. The outdoor models are particularly resilient and have an IP65 rating, meaning it is dust tight and can resist jets of water, and it can operate in temperatures between minus 22 degrees and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This resistance against the elements negates the need for an enclosure, allowing the display to shine to its maximum potential.

The combined brightness and durability of the Q2 will appeal to customers who need signage in brightly lit areas, such as airport terminals, outdoor transit stations, entertainment venues and arenas, and retailers looking for outdoor signage. The Q2 will appeal to the AV rental market as well, due to its easy snap assembly and breakdown for brightly lit trade shows and other events.

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