Nazdar Introduces 130 And 183 Series Digital Solvent Inks


Both the 130 and 183 Series digital solvent inks offer exceptional compatibility, quality and cost effectiveness combined with a seamless conversion process. Since they’re chemically compatible with OEM inks, users can save time and money by switching one colour at a time. Re-profiling is not necessary when transitioning to Nazdar ‘plug and play’ inks due to the accurate colour reproduction capabilities of the ink sets.

Nazdar 130 Series inks are designed for use in Mimaki JV33, CJV, JV300 and JV150 printers using Mimaki SS21 ink, and are formulated to perform across all these platforms, handling the speed demands of each superbly. The ability to use one ink for all these printers is due to enhanced dot control and drying features.

Nazdar 183 Series is ideal for users of Mimaki BS3 ink looking to benefit from a high performance, great value alternative. Nazdar 183 Series users will benefit from improved odour when compared to Mimaki BS3 ink and enjoy the convenience of a range of packaging options one litre bottle, 600ml bags and 2000ml bags compatible with MBIS.

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