Mutoh Europe Unveils Water Based Digital Inkjet Printer

Mutoh Europe Unveils Water Based Digital Inkjet Printer

Manufactured and engineered in Japan and based on Mutoh’s new XpertJet printer platform, the XpertJet 1642WR new generation water-based CMYK 162cm digital inkjet printer incorporates two new generation extra wide 1600 nozzle AccuFine print heads, installed in a staggered set-up.

The new heads will offer best-in-class drop placement accuracy. Combined with Mutoh’s new proprietary i-screen weaving technology – Mutoh’s fourth generation weaving algorithms – the new print heads will deliver exceptional print quality at high production speeds. The XpertJet 1642WR will deliver sellable high quality production speeds up to 61sqm/h. Top engine speed of the machine is 98sqm/h.

Targeted at the sublimation transfer market, the XpertJet 1642WR dye sublimation printer will deliver high quality graphics for transfer onto all possible flexible and rigid polyester materials: in-store textile décor graphics and displays, soft signage and graphics for events and tradeshows, home decoration, flags and pennants, sports goods (snowboards, helmets), gadgets (mugs, umbrellas, mouse mats) and apparel (fast fashion, blouses, sportswear, outdoor jackets, T-shirts). The printer will also print directly onto closed coated polyester fabrics or mixed fibres.

To accommodate the widest range of dye sublimation papers, the printer has pressure rollers with adaptable pressure which can also be individually disabled. Four different head heightscan be used, from 1.5mm to 4mm.

To facilitate uninterrupted volume production, the new 1642WR integrates an automatic nozzle check unit which will automatically detect missing nozzles and clean them. The machine can also be equipped with three different motorised take up systems of 30kg, 40kg and 100kg. There is a front media drying unit and replaceable mist collection filters.

The new XpertJet 1642WR comes with Mutoh’s new generation DS3-series HC dye sublimation ink. HC stands for ‘Increased Colourant’ which means reduced ink consumption, faster drying and compatibility with lightweight papers. The new inks come in degassed 1kg pouches for reliable jetting, excellent image definition and sharpness.

The XPJ-1642WR integrates all known Mutoh XpertJet features, i.e. illuminated print platform, re-usable ink cases as well as an enhanced roll off system with new media feed flanges.

The new 1642WR combines existing and brand new Mutoh core technologies:

– DropMaster2 will perform an automatic bi-directional alignment through the built-in colour sensor.
– FeedMaster will perform an automated paper feed adjustment through the built-in colour sensor.
– Nozzle Area Select will eliminate downtime by allowing the user to select active nozzle blocks in the event that missing nozzles cannot be recovered. This function can be used automatically in combination with the integrated nozzle check unit or manually by the operator.
– Media Tracker prints a barcode on the roll in use before it is removed from the printer. When you reload the same roll, the XPJ-1642WR’s integrated colour sensor will scan the barcode and the machine will tell you how many metres of media are left on it.