Mutoh Belgium has launched its 4th generation mild solvent inks, called UMS (Universal Mild Solvent). The innovative ink formulation for long-term outdoor sign and display applications combines key benefits of resin-based, eco solvent and mild solvent ink chemistries.

Developed specifically for Mutoh’s roll-to-roll sign and display printer portfolio and available in bulk 1 litre bottles and 440ml cassettes, these new inks offer compatibility with both installed-base Mutoh mild solvent printers as well as Mutoh’s ValueJet series outdoor sign and display printers. Mutoh CMYK UMS inks will replace the Mutoh MS and MS+ first and second generation mild solvent inks.

The UMS inks offer an outdoor UV resistance of up to three years without lamination. They are virtually odour-free and do not require any forced ventilation. The inks cover 83% of the Pantone C® colour chart. They also hardly require any printer maintenance. The inks are fixed and dried at regular heating temperatures and are suited for both high quality and high speed printing.

Key Characteristics of Mutoh UMS inks:

  • Target Public and Application Features.
  • Suited for exterior and interior prints to be viewed at close distance.
  • Suited for high quality and high speed printing.
  • Specifically targeted at typical sign and display applications.
  • Posters, banners, backlit signage, fleet signage.
  • Wall coverings, fine art, POS displays.
  • Prints on a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates.
  • Outdoor UV resistance up to three years without lamination. (*)
  • Excellent application scuff : minimal superficial damage during application.
  • Excellent resistance against alcohol based cleaners.
  • Wide colour gamut, covering 83 % of the pantone C® (**) colour chart.
  • Low maintenance.

(*) For heavy-duty applications where mechanical stress is involved (floor and vehicle graphics), lamination is required.   

 Stabilisation is required prior to lamination.

(**) Calculations made by Caldera’s® Easy Media.

Unique and innovative ink chemistry:

  • Highest quality colour pigments ground to nano-size level.
  • High quality colour pigments determine not only the colour gamut, but also are the basis of long-term outdoor durability.
  • The UMS colour pigments are ground to nano-size level for optimum jettability and reduced maintenance.

New combination of milder and non-aggressive solvents.

Compared to ‘classic’ – more aggressive – solvent inks, the UMS inks will only partially diffuse into the media.  The solvent selection and the solvent quantities are fully adapted to the new REACH regulations with regards to PVC chemistries.

Multi-resin mix

Mutoh UMS inks use a combination of different and carefully selected resin types. The UMS resin mix will enable optimum adhesion of the pigments to the substrate and create a uniform and smooth ink layer.  Each individual colour pigment is moreover encapsulated (coated) by the resin mix, to optimally address the typical requirements for outdoor sign and display prints: gloss preservation, scuff, abrasion and chemical resistance and to safeguard long-term outdoor durability of the colour pigments.