Mr Price Selects Perspex’s LED Spectrum Products For New Signage


The Mr Price retail brand used the Perspex® LED Spectrum range of products to ensure consistent brand identity for their logo.

Mr Price has been manufacturing their signage from Perspex® for many years. The approved and long-standing signage manufacturer had been using the standard range of Perspex® cast acrylic products to produce the famous red cap and the white lettering of the Mr Price logo.

However, because the signage is predominantly applied to glass shop fronts, which have a natural tint, it resulted in the white having a slightly duller appearance than they would’ve liked. When they were introduced to the Perspex® LED Spectrum range of products they decided to see if it would achieve a brighter, more improved colour performance.

The product allows for better light transfer through LED’s and eliminates hotspots. This resulted in the white LED appearing to be more intense when traveling through the glass and gives off a whiter and more appealing visual effect. The bonus is that the product uses LED’s so it’s also cost effective and eco-efficient, ensuring lighting lasts longer and energy savings are enjoyed.

Since testing the Spectrum LED and being very happy with the results of the white lettering, the manufacturer decided to revert back to the original range of standard Perspex® cast acrylic red for the cap. This was largely due to the logo undergoing a change, which included increasing the thickness of the red outline. This subtle change was enough to alter the red tone of the LED Spectrum and they found that the standard cast acrylic product matched the Mr Price corporate identity better.

Perspex® Spectrum LED Features:
• It delivers optimised colour performance.
• Colour is brighter and more intense during the day or when illuminated at night.
• Light transfer is better with both transmitted and reflected light.
• It eliminates hotspots for a more even finish.
• It’s cost effective and eco-efficient.

Suitable use of the products include applications like retail signage, point of purchase displays, interiors, shop fitting and architectural features that require bold, intense use of colour.

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