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M&R has introduced the i-Image STE, an all-in-one Computer-To-Screen (CTS) imaging and UV Led exposure system. By combining CTS imaging and UV Led screen exposure in one machine, M&R says has reduced the time and effort required to prepare images for screen printing.

On the inward pass, i-Image STE uses specially-formulated water-based UV-blocking ink and advanced high-resolution CTS inkjet printer technology to quickly generate opaque images on emulsion-coated screens. On the outward pass, the built-in high output UV Led exposure system exposes imaged screens, producing screens that can be taken directly to washout.

The i-Image STE eliminates the need for costly film positives, as well as the space and labour required to store and retrieve them. Because the image information is digital, it’s easy to store and quick to retrieve.

M&R’s UV Leds run cooler, save energy costs, reduce screen exposure time, and speed up production. And, unlike expensive metal-halide bulbs that require replacement every year or two, i-Image STE’s UV Led light source can last for decades. In fact, M&R is so confident in the longevity of i-Image’s screen-exposure Leds that it backs them with a limited lifetime warranty against failure in normal use.

The i-Image STE CTS imaging and exposure system provides full image scaling and positioning, has 16-exposure presets for common applications, and can be user-customised for specific art types, various mesh counts, and types of emulsion.

Two i-Image STE models are available in three configurations:
• i-Image STE 1, with one industrial printhead capable of imaging up to 150 screens per 8-hour shift.
• i-Image STE 2, with two printheads for imaging up to 250 screens per shift.
• i-Image STE 3, with three printheads for imaging up to 350 screens per shift.

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