Mimaki Supplier Announces UJV55-320 Installation

Mimaki supplier announces UJV55-320 installation.

Haarlem based Unfold recently invested in a Mimaki UJV55-320, a 3.20m wide Mimaki printer with UV-curing. The relationship with Mimaki started with the first plotter Unfold purchased. Fifteen years ago, it was one of the first machines that could print and plot at the same time.

‘I asked my foil supplier for a reference for a printer. It became the Mimaki on the second go. After that, it just kept on feeling right,’ said company owner René Spanger. ‘I am pleased with the Mimaki printers and it remained our go-to brand as our capacity grew. We still have our first machine up and running even.’

Spanger started out as an events’ organiser 15 years ago. As he developed flyers and posters for events, people automatically asked for the next step, ‘Before you know it, you’re a trader in print material. I got so many print requests that I actually bought my first home plotter. I put it in a 15sqm room in my home. After that, things got out of hand,’ he added jokingly, ‘and my machine portfolio grew exponentially.’

The new Mimaki UJV55-320 was supplied by Igepa and extends the print width capacity. The machine replaces a smaller 2,6m printer. ‘The printer arrived just in time to comply with the increasing print demand. In Haarlem we are now the frontrunner in this area. But I spot potential to push our growth even further,’ Spanger concluded.

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