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Mimaki’s 3DUJ-553 3D printer.
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Mimaki’s 3DUJ-553 3D printer is unique in its colour capabilities, with the ability to produce more than 10 million colours in layers as fine as 19 microns. Its water-soluble support material can be easily washed off when the object has been produced, saving time and reducing the possibility of damaging the object when support material is removed.

The availability of clear ink adds an extra dimension to printed pieces for an enhanced appearance. Building on Mimaki’s extensive colour expertise, as well as on the company’s core technologies in 2D printing, the 3DUJ-553 enables the production of true full colour, super fine details and smooth surfaces (with options to print in 19, 32 or 42µm layers), achieving consistent and repeatable results. It can make items the size of shoes, limbs etc. in full colour, in high resolution.

The new Mimaki 3DGD-1800 is set to revolutionise the way in which large-sized objects are created, enabling a switch from costly and time-consuming conventional handcrafting methods that require significant expertise, to effortless, high-speed production using 3D data.

Facilitating large-scale production up to three times faster than with conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) type 3D printers, the 3DGD-1800 3D connects the company’s 2D printing expertise and 3D technology innovations, providing customers with a cost-effective, total solution for 3D sign and display applications.


Capable of producing objects up to 1.8 metres tall in just seven hours – with its assembly-based design allowing for the creation of even larger designs – the innovative 3D printing system boasts a number of clever time and cost-saving features, including dual-head configuration to enable the simultaneous output of two structures. The machine can print a full size mannequin.

The Mimaki 3DGD-1800 also facilitates the production of support-free hollowed structures, further streamlining production whilst allowing for increased portability and the possible addition of interior illuminations. The technology will open up a diverse range of potential applications, from signage, events and creative art through to interior design. Customers can use Mimaki’s extensive portfolio of 2D print solutions to cost-effectively decorate these applications, opening doors to a range of new products that combine creativity and innovation with Mimaki’s tried and tested vibrant, high-quality results. These printers will be showcased at the virtual Formnext Connect trade show, taking place from 10-12 November.

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