Metamark Wrapping Media And Overlaminate Used To Wrap Barrels

Metamark Wrapping Media And Overlaminate Used To Wrap Barrels

Metamark’s MetaWrap MD-X Cylinder Cast digital wrapping media with Blockout ‘MetaScape’ System as well as Metaguard MG-X Cylinder Cast digital wrapping overlaminate were used in a project different to the typical vehicle wrapping or wall graphic applications.

A call to Indigo Graphics came from an events and experiential company, Beach Graphics. The job involved turning about 40 reclaimed ‘oil drums’ or ‘barrels’ into branded pedestal bases. The idea was that the branded bases would tour planned locations, set up with parasols atop them, and serve as tables while the attending audience enjoyed the client’s product.

Beach Graphics knew exactly what they wanted in terms of design, and so the data was supplied to Lee Skinner and the Indigo Graphics team to do their stuff. After the customary tweaking to scale and fit the design elements, Indigo’s Roland Eco-Solvent printer was loaded up with MetaWrap MD-X and print production began. The barrels were bright blue and so the branding needed be total coverage. Some of the subjects had a bit of battle-rash like dents and so on but, broadly speaking, were application-ready.

Once laminated with MetaGuard MG-X, the print was cut to size and the hands-on bit could commence. Skinner admitted that the first couple of barrels exercised the application team a bit. Once the team had a few done and hit a rhythm, the job went well.

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