Metamark Wrapping Material Gives Vehicles A Strong Presence

Metamark Wrapping Material Gives Vehicles Presence

Metamark wrapping material was used in a cooperative agreement between companies to gives some vehicles a strong sense of flair.

One of Shipley based Smart Repair Systems’ (SRS’) recent wrapping successes now has an alter-ego in the shape of a Scalextric Model immortalising the design.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a fresh-from-the-showroom vehicle is going to be sporting a finish that is as good as it gets. The team at SRS wouldn’t necessarily agree. Any finish can be ‘corrected’ and improved they argue, and they have a lot of evidence to back it up. People come from far and wide with their vehicles to have the SRS team do its stuff, and that includes sending cars away under a layer of expertly applied Paint Protection Film.

SRS’s wrapping skills are in demand too, As recently reported, Academy Motorsport came looking for someone to design and apply the graphics for its 2020 race cars and SRS, which were looking for a team to associate with, came to an arrangement. The SRS team was engaged to provide a racing livery that really gave the already conspicuous racing Fords even more presence.

The brief arrived looking about as close to a blank canvas as it is possible to get. SRS Automotive’s Jeremy Robershaw delivered the creative input and worked the resulting design through to its practical completion. The design was, and is, stunning and very impactful. It is centred on a motif that draws its inspiration from Ford’s iconic mustang stallion at full gallop. The horses are arranged around the cars’ front quarters with each element being rendered in a different density.

Although it is formed around one of the auto industry’s most recognisable logo elements, the layout registers at first glance as something more resonant of urban camo. It is an involving design though and tells its truth once the eye has lingered a few moment. It really demands attention.

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