Metamark Vehicle Wrapping Film Promotes Customer’s Business


Ease of application is something MetaCast MDC is well known for thanks to its MetaGlide Adhesive. UK-based Signs Express recently used the film to create an eye-catching wrap.

Signs Express recently reaped some of what it had sowed when a new customer who had seen the Bath-based signs and graphics producer’s own vehicle out on the road called the business.

The customer in question was very happy with the work Signs Express had delivered and so, having acquired a van, he returned to see if he could give it the personality needed to further promote his business. One small snag was that he wanted the job turned around with great haste to make the most of the stunning weather gently baking Bath and other areas of the UK at the time.

Joseph Esposo and the team at Signs Express responded with a design proposal that would transform the supplied ‘vanilla’ vehicle into a totally wrapped and branded pink version of itself. It is a shade of pink and exactly matches what the customer wanted.

The Signs Express team introduced its Epson Wide Format inkjet printer to a roll of Metamark’s next-generation premium cast wrapping film, MetaCast MDC, and printed the required base colour for the wrap. The MD-Class result is stunning. There’s not a print artefact anywhere disclosing the material’s printed origins. The graphical elements were also printed on MDC and then contour-cut for application to the applied laminated MDC substrate.

OEM van finishes do not typically include pink, so the finished vehicle is exceptionally rare in addition to being exceptionally eye-catching. It pulls eyes toward its owner’s brand and does a good job of promoting it.

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