Metamark Media Used In Vehicle Wrapping Project

Metamark Media Used In Vehicle Wrapping Project

MetaWrap MD-X Cylinder Cast digital wrapping media with blockout ‘MetaScape’ system and Metaguard MG-X Cylinder Cast digital wrapping overlaminate were used in a vehicle wrapping project.

Needing to promote rockresource dot com, the client had prescribed a design of a bluff looking mountain range in monotones to contrast with ID elements in colour. That turns out to be a really good turn of events. The steely metallic body colour of the vehicle paint would provide a minimal contrast with the print but sufficient to present it well. It would also make the body colour inclusive of the design and make what is a partial wrap look like a full coverage production.

The team at Cougar Signs printed the prepared and edited graphics on MetaWrap MD-X, which was then laminated with MetaGuard MG-X, the product’s mechanically matched partner. With its MD-Class digital print credentials, the wrapping film did an ideal job of presenting the subtle range of almost colourless gradations. No banding is evident and so the result is almost photo-like in terms of its fidelity with the design. The point where vinyl meets naked paint provides a design inclusive contrast simply not possible with ink alone. It is a very creative piece of work.

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