Metamark Digital Film Used In Rally Car Project

Metamark Digital Film Used In Rally Car Project

MetaCast® MDC, a premium cast digital film featuring MetaGlide® adhesive, was used in a vehicle wrapping project.

Jonathan Dudley and his team run D-Sign Studio in Milford Haven. Recently, Dudley took a call from one of the company’s regulars who routinely brings construction plant and vehicles along to D-Sign for livery work. On this occasion though, the client wasn’t looking to transform an excavator but rather a car he’d been working on for a little while and had aspirations to rally.

The client’s relationship with his pet Ford Escort spanned some eight years and the car was a needy beast that money just soaked into. The project was in jeopardy a few times before delivery but persistence paid off and the mechanically and technically restored car got to turn a wheel and, as it turns out, is very competitive.

D-Sign’s involvement was to make the car look every inch the beast it is. The client came with ideas and D-Sign delivered, but, rather like the restoration itself, a bit of feature-creep set in and what should have been a pretty simple job turned into a very challenging full wrap, much of it designed and proofed live while the job was being done.

The outcome is stunning. It’s detailed and it flows from one panel to the next. And, just like the sport the car thrives on, this wrap left no room for errors. The D-Sign team used Metamark materials to cut the wrap down to size and get the job done. MetaCast MDC next-generation premium cast wrapping film did the honours and didn’t shirk from its brief.

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