Metamark Digital Film And Overlaminate Used In Trailer Project

Metamark Digital Film And Overlaminate Used In Trailer Project

MetaCast MDC cast digital film and MetaGuard MGC cast overlaminate were used in a trailer project that was managed by EPF Graphics.

In addition to taking everything around from venue-to-venue, trailers have an obligation to promote the team and its sponsor interests so that means graphics and lots of them. Michael Laverty found the way to EPF Graphics’ HQ in Stockton-on-Tees, design in hand, to get the team’s trailer up-to-spec.

Dave Todd and the team at EPF can rightly claim huge experience in the field of racing graphics and deeply specialise in supporting teams with design, production and application services. The design for the Laverty trailer came with the job but the data needed a bit of help to make sure it fitted properly and looked right.

The EPF Team printed the graphics on Metamark’s premium cast wrapping film MetaCast MDC and protected the results with the film’s matching cast MGC laminate. The trailer is actually painted black and so anything that’s rendered in any other colour is total coverage wrap film. The application is perfect. It’s executed with great precision as the design leaves no hiding place for errors. That’s what experience and specialisation buys.

Now, the Laverty team can show up and its trailer will hold its own among the other celebrity-calibre vehicles in the paddock anywhere in the world. It does move around a lot. The EPF team had to travel to a site in Portugal to fit its stunning graphics to the trailer ‘on-location’. No strangers to international racing and its needs, EPF was happy to oblige.

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