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Matan has participated in a unique Tel-Aviv City Art Project, where super-wide art, printed on the   Matan Barak iQ 5m, was displayed on prominent Tel-Aviv buildings.

To mark the Tel-Aviv Art Year, a unique ‘Open Gallery on Buildings’ was initiated, featuring super-wide format artworks of young Israeli artists on eight Tel-Aviv landmark city buildings.

‘City Art Tel Avi'” was initiated and produced by Baram City Press, a leading Israeli SWF printing house, in cooperation with the City of Tel Aviv. The entire artwork collection was printed on the 5m Barak iQ by Matan. Over 1000sqm of media was printed within several hours. ‘We chose the Barak printer for this project since it could offer us very high speed, together with top printing quality and excellent color rendering, which is demanded for the reproduction of artistic images such as these,’ said Boaz Oron, Baram’s CEO, who supervised the printing process.

The goal of this unique urban art project was to bring young art closer to the people, including those who don’t usually visit museums and galleries. ‘Matan is happy to contribute to this important project, to further the general public’s appreciation of contemporary art by Israeli artists’, said Eliav Priel, Matan’s VP Sales. The artists chosen to participate are some of the prominent, original and important artists of their young generation in fields of art like painting, photography and video.

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