Massivit 3D Launched Composite Manufacturing Solution

Massivit 3D Launching Solution In Composite Manufacturing

The Massivit 10000-G offers the full range of composite manufacturing applications available on the Massivit 10000 plus a new feature providing access to Massivit 3D’s set of Dimengel photo polymer materials that have until now been used with the company’s Gel Dispensing Printing product line.

The new feature enables customers to markedly expand their business services to include direct custom manufacturing and functional prototyping. The 10000-G also enables tooling applications for thermoforming, resin transfer moulding, and reaction injection moulding. In addition, Dimengel materials respond to essential industry requirements such as flame retardancy, high-definition production and a reduction in waste.

The new Massivit 10000-G, the latest addition to the Cast In Motion product line, was launched at Formnext. Visitors at the show had the opportunity to see live demonstrations of the Massivit 10000-G throughout the event as well as a variety of applications and full-scale printed parts.

Massivit 3D also launched a new, high-impact 3D printing material, Dimengel 400, at Formnext, having showcased industrial printed parts at the booth. Dimengel 400 is the strongest and toughest of the company’s Dimengel thermoset photo polymers to date, making it ideal for production of large, strong and stiff end parts as well as functional prototypes, jigs and fixtures. It offers exceptional mechanical properties including double the impact resistance of existing high-performance Dimengel materials, as well as a high Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT), enabling production of large parts that can withstand elevated temperatures. Dimengel 400 will be available with both of the company’s production lines.


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