Marabu Announces New Pad Printing And Screen Printing Inks


Maqua Pad MAP is a commercially available water-based pad printing ink. This range is ideal for adding decorative elements, and for sensitive applications, such as children’s toys. Maqua Pad MAP produces outstanding results in terms of adhesion, opacity and durability on substrates including coated and uncoated wood, ABS, PVC, PC and pre-treated polypropylene (PP).

The water-based formulation is odourless, is manufactured without the use of BPA or BPS chemicals, and has very low VOC and low PAH levels. Switching to water-based pad printing requires careful preparation. Key considerations include the correct room temperature, humidity, printers, pad hardness, cliché type and limited use of auxiliary agents.

Marabu’s new Ultra Card UVCC screen printing ink cures quickly, is suitable for lamination, and is ideal for printing on coated or uncoated PVC and PLA films (PLA is polylactide, a bioplastic i.e. bio-based polymer). Furthermore, the ink is ideal for embossing and it can also be easily combined with other printing methods, while offering all the advantages of UV-curable technology.

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