Marabu Announces Improved Formula For High Gloss Ink


Marabu’s improved formula for Mara Star has a number of benefits, including health and safety as well as providing a more consistent printing process.

A change in the solvent combination of Mara Star SR leads to higher safety during application. Mara Star SR contains a small amount of the solvent ‘butyl glycolate’, which is labelled with Hazard Statement H 361d (‘Suspected of damaging the unborn child’). In order to increase the safety when printing, this solvent will be exchanged.

This exchange will have an additional advantage: better screen opening. All other characteristics remain unchanged, so that the dried ink film has an identical composition with optimal drying.

Extensive printing tests with one-and two component applications confirm that no changes in the technical properties of the printed and dried ink film are to be expected, e.g. with regard to adhesion and chemical resistance. In order to allow the smoothest possible change-over, Marabu will start with week code >= 923. The two formulations are intermixable. An additional remark on the label will state: ‘Attention: Improved Formula’.

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