Maizey Plastics Introduce New Metallised Vinyl Film Colours

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Vinylefx metallised vinyl films have good dimensional stability with minimal shrinkage. New to the range, Maizey now offers the following exciting colours: Bronze (Smooth and Brushed), Champagne (Smooth and Brushed) and Copper (Smooth and Brushed).

The films are easy to cut and weed. Cutting pressure is one step up to intermediate vinyl and at a slightly slower cutting speed. Vinylefx decorative series are metallised vinyl films suitable for digital printing and ideal for indoor use and short term (12 months maximum) outdoor use.

Although very easy to apply to flat, smooth surfaces, the film will not conform around curves and rivets and is not suitable for application to untreated low-energy surfaces such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Use for decals, point of purchase displays, window graphics, cut lettering, promotional signage or graphic applications where eye-catching metallic effects are required.

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