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MACtac® has launched GlassMovie™ GM090P, a rear-projection, pressure-sensitive screen film which transforms transparent surfaces into dynamic digital displays.

The patented diffusion vinyl is ideal for trade shows, in-store and other visual merchandising displays. It can be plotter cut into eye-catching shapes for use in touch screen and virtual presenter applications.

The pressure-sensitive screen vinyl acts as a rear-projection screen with excellent resolution under all brightness levels, from day or night to indoors or outdoors. For use in places where bulky monitors typically would not fit, it offers a wide viewing angle of up to 100 degrees and excellent viewing from both the rear and front.

‘There are countless ways to use GlassMovie,’ said Cathy Kimpton, marketing manager, MACtac Distributor Products. ‘At a trade show, a manufacturer can use GlassMovie to showcase large equipment that would have been impossible or too expensive to transport.’

GlassMovie brings products to life and puts services at the centre of attention with capabilities to make products, logos, pictures and more appear out of thin air. Available for customisation, it features 24/7 engagement for an impactful user experience.

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