Macquip & Screenwise Exhibiting At Sign Africa Durban Expo

Macquip & Screenwise exhibiting at Sign Africa Durban Expo.
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Macquip & Screenwise will exhibit a number of innovations in screen printing equipment at the upcoming Sign Africa Durban Expo, taking place from 7-8 February at the Durban International Convention Centre (Hall 3).

These include: 

  • Four colour four station carousel, which features user-friendly micro-registration with rotating boards and screens.
  • Flash drier, which features three silica glass elements, fan blowing over elements, stainless steel reflectors and height adjustment on stand.
  • Flatbed graphic printer (available in various sizes from 750mm x 600mm to 3000mm x 1500mm) featuring aluminium printing surface, vacuum to hold substrate while printing, micro adjustment of printing surface on X and Y axis, height adjustment of screen (can print items up to 200mm thick), height adjustment of squeegee, vacuum shutoff when screen is lifted and vacuum control when setting up.
  • Tunnel drier for T-shirt on paper and board; featuring digital read out temperature control, variable speed belt drive, heat resistant belt, height adjustable elements, height adjustable entrance and exit, and hinged canopy for easy access of elements.

For more information about the expo, and to register online, visit:

Upcoming Sign Africa expo’s include:

Cape Town: 14-15 March, Cape Town International Convention Centre.
Bloemfontein: 10 May, Ilanga Estate.
Zambia: 6-7 June, Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
Johannesburg: 12-14 September, Gallagher Convention Centre.


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