LG Introduces Digital Signage Solutions

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LG’s new solutions include display solutions. Property managers and owners of retail stores, hospitality venues, schools and colleges are dealing with ever-changing local regulations and corporate policies, experimenting with new layouts, and doing their best to make customers and visitors feel safe and informed.

During this time, ubiquitous digital signage is crucial to clearly communicate rules and limit staff interaction with customers, whether it’s located in the store’s windows, in an aisle, next to a product display, at a register or anywhere else.

To provide ultimate flexibility and convenience, the Portable A-Frame Display Solution combines a 81.28cm (32 inch) webOS signage display, an optional on-board battery and either a folding base or a rolling base to allow relocation at a moment’s notice. The LG display is mounted vertically to match the width of the base and allow un-intrusive placement in foot traffic zones.

For bigger needs, LG has launched a series of standard and high-brightness solutions that are available in 124.46cm and 139.7cm (49 inch and 55 inch) display sizes, complete with a Peerless-AV SmartMount Flat Panel Cart for simple and flexible placement.

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