Learn How AI Can Optimise Signage And Printing Processes At This Week’s Free Workshop

Gain Insight At This Weeks AI For Digital Graphics And Signage Design Workshop

Learn how to streamline processes, optimise production workflows and enhance customer engagement by attending this week’s AI For Digital Graphics And Signage Design Workshop.

AI offers transformative opportunities for your business. Join us as we delve into practical applications, case studies, and hands-on demonstrations, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to harness the power of AI and stay ahead in the competitive sign and print market. Attendees will explore how AI is revolutionising the landscape in signage, print and design.

The event cost is free and will be presented by Mo Jogie, Design and Strategy Director at the Institute of Media, Strategy and Design, and a top graphic designer and founder of Morning Star Design, a renowned consultancy firm. His expertise is sought by major brands like Apple and Adobe.

Content To Be Covered:

Understanding AI in signage and print: explore the different AI applications impacting the industry, from design automation to personalised printing.

Enhanced Design Workflows: discover how AI tools can streamline your design process, suggest creative layouts, and even generate content based on your specifications.

Intelligent printing and production: learn how AI can optimise printing processes, predict ink usage and identify potential errors for a smoother production flow.

Personalised signage and print: understand how AI can personalise signage for targeted marketing campaigns and create interactive experiences for customers.

The Future of Print with AI: gain a glimpse into the future of the industry with AI-powered innovations like smart signage and data-driven printing solutions.

The AI workshop will take place at the Sign Africa Cape Town Expo, being held from 15-16 May at the CTICC. There will be two workshop sessions on each day. The morning sessions are fully booked. There are limited spaces for the 2pm-3pm sessions. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Don’t forget to register for the Sign Africa Expo to expedite your entry to the show and workshop.


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