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Landa has announced major developments to its Landa S10FC and S10C Nanographic Printing™ Presses, enhancing print quality and upgrading the press design. The new changes firmly place Nanographic Printing™ presses as a production oriented digital printing solution for mainstream applications.

Landa Founder, Chairman and CEO Benny Landa said, ‘We have been working closely with our customers to ensure that our Nanographic Printing presses will provide the performance, print quality and feature set for high-speed production. In addition, the new Landa Operator Cockpit will set a new standard for operating any production press, whether digital or offset.’

A new concept in press operability and the addition of several important features manifested due to detailed research and customer collaboration. The Landa Operator Cockpit, an integrated production management centre located at the delivery end of the press, allows operators to monitor and control the press while effortlessly glancing at the delivery area.

Operator-centric with an advanced ergonomic design, the Landa Operator Cockpit surrounds the operator with touch-screen press controls, job management tools, video feeds from all key press functions, production-related vital signs and a lighted inspection table. In addition, a personal area enables operators to store and display personal items.

New ink ejectors found in this press improve print quality and increase the productivity. With a resolution of 1200 dpi, they boast higher print quality levels that match offset resolution and gray levels. The new ink ejector architecture significantly improves the reliability of the ink ejection and enables redundancy in case of nozzle failure.

Advanced paper handling system: an automatic paper handling system supports both paper and plastic substrates. Reducing many of the labor-intensive tasks related to paper setup, it also accelerates the changeover to new substrates and maximises uptime. Continuous paper feeding and delivery capabilities let converters and printers operate without stopping to replace the paper pile. An auxiliary delivery tray will enable operators to automatically collect proofs without interrupting the normal production process.

Optional inline coating unit: an optional conventional inline coating unit will efficiently enhance Nanography-printed products with both flood and selective coating. The coating unit will support flexo rollers and plates as well as a variety of UV and aqueous coatings.

Landa plans to start shipping beta units of the Landa S10FC Nanographic Printing™ Press for folding carton applications at Q4/2014. Shipments of the Landa S10C Nanographic Printing™ Press for commercial and publishing printing will follow shortly thereafter.

Benny Landa comments, ‘We have made substantial improvements that will accelerate the transformation of digital printing into a mainstream technology.’

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