Kyocera Continues Adherence Of Environmental Charter 27 Years Later

Kyocera Continues Adherence Of Environmental Charter 27 Years Later.

KYOCERA Corporation recently celebrated 27 years since the inception of its Environmental Charter. The Environmental Charter was created in October 1991 and has been a fundamental pillar in the company. Despite growth across the globe, sustainability and environmental protection is at the heart of KYOCERA’s existence. It adheres to the company philosophy, as created by founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori, which outlines the desire that KYOCERA ‘contributes to the advancement of society and humankind’.

With that, KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe continues to use the Charter as a beacon of inspiration and an essential part of everyday life within the company. Based on the concept of ‘Coexistence’, the landmark policy leads the way in the organisation’s efforts to ‘do the right thing as a human being’.

The success of this approach is proved by KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe’s recent attainment of the ISO 14001:2015 certification, which demonstrates an environmental approach in all of the organisation’s operations. Promoting environmental responsibility among customers is also an aim of its ongoing initiatives, as KYOCERA strongly believes that a sustainable approach does not end at the moment of consumption. To this end, the company’s Toner Take Back service recycles over 600,000 kilograms of used toners each year, building upon the company’s investment in producing simplified toner cartridges which require fewer components and consume less energy in production.

‘At KYOCERA, ensuring that all of our activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly is a real commitment, as well as an essential business practice,’ explained Takuya Marubayashi, president of KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe. ‘Sustainability is not just a mere buzz word for KYOCERA, it is a way of living. All of our employees embrace that approach and, from our experience, so do our partners, dealers and customers. It is part of what sets us apart as an organisation and as a family.’

By 2020, the KYOCERA Corporation aims to utilise their solar power generation systems to generate a carbon benefit that is three times greater than the carbon footprint for global operations. Since 2013, this figure has already reached the ability to break even.

After 27 years, KYOCERA’s Environmental Charter is more important than ever as the company faces new challenges and inspiring new opportunities. Dr. Inamori is a firm believer in ‘the limitless potential of mankind’ and through KYOCERA’s operations, the organisation can begin to show that business success and sustainability can go perfectly hand in hand.


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