Kornit Showcasing New Direct-To-Fabric Innovation And More

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Driven by mega-trends, brands and retailers seek to connect with consumers, and are adapting their supply chains accordingly, paving the way to digital textile printing. The mega-trends driving for change are: personal expression in the social media era; an e-commerce environment of endless choices; and a strong sustainability imperative.

Kornit’s mission is to be the vendor of choice for apparel and home décor industry players, and to accelerate the supply chain optimisation. Ronen Samuel, CEO, Kornit Digital, commented, ‘We work closely with the world’s leading brands to support their business innovation strategies. Kornit’s technologies enable unlimited design creativity, faster turnaround times and sustainable production.’

The new Kornit Presto addresses the supply chain challenge head on. It is the world’s only industrial single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing. The system is perfectly suited for the home décor and fashion markets. It eliminates the need for pre and post treatment of fabric and allows for high-quality printing on an extraordinarily broad variety of fabric types. The Kornit Presto solution uses the 100% water-free patented NeoPigment process, and is the shortest process from file to finished product, making it the most environmentally friendly solution available for direct-to-fabric textile printing today.

The Kornit Atlas and the Avalanche Poly Pro systems were introduced earlier this year. Following dozens of installations worldwide and successful ramp-up at multiple customer sites, hundreds of thousands of garments have already been produced. Kornit is performing live printing of Adidas products on these two systems. Adidas is collaborating with Kornit to support their direct-to-garment innovation strategy, with Kornit as a key partner in digital embellishment. Adidas has recently invested in the Kornit Atlas and Avalanche Poly Pro solutions and is looking to expand its digital embellishment capabilities further.

Visitors to ITMA held in Barcelona, Spain from June 20-26 can see these innovations in action.

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