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Kornit Digital showcased the Avalanche DC Pro, equipped with special discharge ink, at SGIA Expo 2012. The printer, which was debuted to the North American market, enables businesses to expand their offerings and introduce a soft hand feel to the digital textile printing marketplace.

Textile printing businesses seeking to enter the fashion industry can now print on dark garments without a white layer base, which can create a ‘thick’ feel on the design. With the Avalanche DC Pro’s two additional print heads, a discharge chemical is applied to remove the dye molecules of the dark garment, providing a smooth base for CMYK and white printing and creating a great hand feel for the finished product. This solution will create a differentiated printing experience, helping businesses achieve higher revenue and shorter turnaround times by using less white ink layers and eliminating the need for a costly pre-treatment process.

The company also showcased the Kornit Storm II and Kornit Breeze. The Storm II, with its advanced and fully automated system, provides full control of the design and resolution with its improved capabilities for positioning different media types.  The Breeze offers customers an industrial, yet small, direct-on-garment printer designed to allow garment decorators to use high-end technology benefits at entry-level costs.

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