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The new and improved Kornit Digital Paradigm printer combines traditional screen printing methods with digital printing techniques for innovative printing applications. The Kornit Paradigm is a digital add-on solution for screen printing carousels, designed to enable screen printers to combine printing techniques and create multiple innovative printing applications using traditional screen printing methods together with Kornit’s digital direct on garment printing, all-in-one built-in printing module.

Capable of handling a large variety of textile applications, variable data combinations, complicated four colour processes, and spot combinations, it can be repositioned between carousel stations or as a pure stand-alone digital printer for short runs.
This industrial direct on garment printer, fastened to the carousel, carries a digital station that is compatible with both manual and automatic screen printing carousels. The add-on station uses four Spectra Polaris print heads that are available with both CMYK or white inks.

The Kornit Paradigm DTG printer is capable of producing a variety of applications including dark garment applications, variable data combinations, complicated four colour processes and spot combinations and pure digital applications for short-runs.

-High quality, high sped digital printing that produces multiple colours and shades using one station.
-Industrial high volume Polaris print heads.
-Capable of handling a large variety of textile applications.
-Automatic computer-to-printer process, requires no set-up procedure.
-Easy and accurate registration with all types of automatic carousels.
-Smooth and consistent ink flow for ultimate printing results.
-High quality, non-contact printing over seams, pockets and more.
-Automatic maintenance station for enhanced reliability.
-Innovative operating system software with user-friendly interface.
-Features a robust industrial design for the printer’s long-term reliability.
-Designed for non-stop operation 24/7.
-Reposition-able between carousel stations.

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