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Kornit Digital launched the QuickP Plus workflow package for direct to garment printing at the FESPA Digital trade show which took place from 20-23 May 2014 in Munich.

The package consists of design, ordering, inventory, management and print workflow tools and is designed to reduce the time to prepare files. The platform’s key USP is its ability to handle variable date. Oliver Luedtke, marketing manager for EMEA said, ‘The software’s VDP capabilities are really helpful. Rather than developing every shirt individually, you work from a spreadsheet and the software will make each shirt different.’

‘The design experience is very easy to use, it’s very easy to resize, crop, rotate and add text and image retouching. It’s optimised for iPad and Android devices. The target market for the software is small to mid-sized t-shirt and garment printers. The really huge garment printers have their own infrastructure and workflow. Anyone doing at least 50 shirts a day could benefit from this; that’s an amount this software will help with,’ said Luedtke.

Kornit Digital also exhibited its new six-colour Avalanche Hexa fashion and sports apparel printer, entry-level Breeze, Paradigm II model and high-speed Storm II printer. 

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