Kitcast Discusses Five Key Digital Signage Considerations

Kitcast Analyses Five Key Digital Signage Considerations

Founder and CEO at Kitcast, Egor Belenkov, highlights how the understanding of customer retention tactics becomes crucial as digital signage becomes more widespread among retail business owners.

The original idea of customer engagement is to bring value to your clients and simultaneously satisfy their needs. Therefore, you need to know how to use your advertising displays most efficiently and reach your audience in the right place and at the right time.

One important thing that you should keep in mind is that offline businesses are not just competing with each other. They need to be inventive to compete with more flexible online alternatives. That’s where smart digital signage content creation may come in handy.

As most entrepreneurs know, keeping a higher retention rate is more cost-efficient than acquiring new clients. And it doesn’t really matter whether you knew it originally or learned from your mistakes. The idea is to retain your clients and keep them loyal to your brand as long as possible.

These fundamentals of the digital signage content creation should help you boost your customer retention metrics and, therefore, increase your retail business conversion rate.

1. Customer satisfaction is key

First of all, it’s 2018, and you won’t find a business that manages to keep customers coming back without satisfying their needs. How often do you see people wandering around the shelves, looking at some product and trying to google reviews, feedback and opinions online? Your offline store won’t have to deal with this again with digital signage in retail.

The number of ways how you can improve the customer’s experience in your store with advertising displays goes beyond your imagination. That’s because with proper software, you get a chance to deliver any kind of dynamic content. You craft your own success here.

The most obvious, yet practical ideas would include:
• In-store navigation.
• Dynamic shelf displays.
• Constantly update reviews.
• Price comparison tables.
• Price match offers.

Digital labels can keep your customers informed about the stock data, best product features and even let them know there’s a new model they should check out ASAP.

2. Determine what you stand for

Studies show that more than 60 percent of clients usually keep their loyalty to a specific brand due to having similar life attitudes and values. That’s what we mean when we say ‘stand for something.’

When you start working on your brand bible, you probably begin with setting core values that your brand commits to. It’s difficult to convey all the values your brand upholds while maintaining clients’ attention. The best way to change that is to use digital signage network solutions to present your messages and ideas to your clients. Then you can gradually provide the information and reach people step by step.

Use your advertising displays as a platform for establishing your brand’s identity, as a stage where you preach and keep your followers informed and inspired. One ultimate approach to digital signage will not provide the results you’re hoping for. There is no magic pill, but even though the alternative way is a bit harder, it’s also more fun and exciting.

Planning different marketing campaigns and experimenting may sound a bit scary, but after all, it’s the best way to find a personal approach to your clients. Whenever you find a new way to reach out to your clients through digital signage content, you’ve got to stay patient and analyse the delivered results. Try out a few ways of dynamic interactions with your clients – having a chance to run different digital content on displays allows you to experiment as much as you want.

However, all of this is pretty pointless without proper in-depth research. Your retail business is probably targeting certain groups of clients. Knowing their desires and their needs helps you target them more precisely. With that being said, we encourage you to know your clients better: test, test, test!

3. Proper digital signage placement matters

We won’t give you lame tips on how you should hang your digital signage in a retail store properly. Since we’re talking about the dynamic content network, it’s a more flexible system than other signage systems. But what do we mean by proper placement then?

In case you have more than one retail store or even a whole huge franchise, you may consider segmentation techniques. Even though you work on attracting clients with particular interests, they’re still divided into groups with different wealth, discount expectations and own geo/cultural preferences. Also, don’t forget to measure the varying client traffic in different stores.

4. Interactivity makes it memorable

When we talk about personalised approach, we’ve got to implement more interactivity into our interactions with customers. While some of you just imagined how you’d install a large touchscreen with the online stock database, we want you to try something new. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great idea to bring some of the ‘online experience’ to your offline retail store, but you can do more. It’s not necessarily about touchscreens. Dynamic digital signage content allows you to involve your customer in your marketing campaigns. Give them a chance to influence some particular aspect of your brand or engage in entertaining activities.

5. Advertise hot deals

Just do it. Digital signage player software allows you to change how the traditional ‘exclusive deals’ advertising works. Rethink, don’t just throw away old-fashioned tools and tricks. Customer retention is a huge deal for organically growing business. First of all, you’ve got to do groundwork and prepare detailed research of the audience you work with. After that, you’ll be able to target the minds and hearts of your clients through dynamic content.

The digital signage in retail changes the game drastically and makes a huge difference when it comes to engaging your existing clients. Make sure you take the most out of it by using the right software and running well-thought-out campaigns.

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