Kemtek And HP Highlight The Art Of Possibilities In Digital Packaging

Kemtek And HP Highlight The Art Of Possibilities In Digital Packaging
Paul Randall, HP, addresses attendees at the Johannesburg workshop.

Kemtek hosted informative packaging workshops in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, providing an understanding of the key benefits of HP digital printing for brand owners and advertising agencies. Topics that were addressed included: driving consumer engagement through innovation on pack; accelerated time to market; supply chain optimisation; environmental benefits and how to increase revenue and deliver on the brand promise.

Paul Randall, Worldwide Brand Innovation Manager, HP Graphics Solutions Business HP Inc, said that there is huge growth in packaging and that digital print can help create packaging that connects with consumers.

Randall addressed the changing consumer landscape: ‘Modern consumers are experience seekers. Millennials love experiences and love having something that’s unique. They are also social media savvy and enjoy sharing positive experiences with network peers. Brands must reflect how these consumers want to be seen as individuals.’

Digital printing is the ideal opportunity to create packaging that targets modern consumers, providing:

– Customisation and versioning and limitless editions: delivering experience and creating brand advocates. The Diet Coke campaign exemplifies this. HP Indigo technology and SmartStream Mosaic software were used to create two million unique bottles. This attracted a younger audience to the brand and generated major brand awareness on social media.
– Personalised e-commerce and web-to-print: making consumers part of the brand and thereby leading to emotional investment in the product.
– Event specific: printers can capitalise on moments of social consciousness – what consumers are talking about right now.
– Social responsibility and cause: an example of this is Amarula’s #NameThemSaveThem campaign, printed by SA Litho Label Printers. A special edition of 400,000 unique Amarula bottles, representing the same remaining number of the endangered African elephant, was released with labels individualised by HP Indigo digital print and HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology.
– Real-time: seizing the moment and delivering on the ‘I want it now’ experience.

One of HP’s innovations to help designers bring brand experiences to life is HP SmartStream D4D (Designer for Designers) software. This is a set of design solutions and training materials that enables creatives to harness the power of HP digital print.

Last year, HP collaborated with award-winning designers the Yarza Twins, Silas Amos, and Smirnoff to launch the beta programme of HP SmartStream D4D. The Yarza Twins used the software to create stunning individualised designs for Smirnoff, in response to the beta programme brief ‘Every one is the same. Every one is different.’ They produced limitless variations of a theme and experimented with D4D to push the creative boundaries.

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