Kemtek And Epson Discuss New Large Format And Signage Solutions

Kemtek And Epson Discuss New Large Format And Signage Solutions

Kemtek Imaging Systems and Epson South Africa hosted a free live webinar on 18 May, treating attendees to a signage and large format solutions showcase.

Epson solutions

Expand your portfolio with the new SureColor SC-R5010 and the SC-5010L resin ink large format printer range and the superior-quality, high productivity SureColor SC-S40610/S60610 and S80610 signage series.

The SureColor SC-R5010 offers accurate, colour consistent, fast-drying and scratch-resistant prints on a wide range of substrates, using resin ink. This is Epson’s first resin ink large format printer. Printing on a wide range of substrates, such as vinyl, banner, textile, canvas, wallpaper and film, it combines accuracy, media flexibility and reliability. The odourless water-based ink means printed applications can be used in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels, as well as outdoor applications that require extreme durability.

Users benefit from outstanding levels of print performance and colour consistency due to the combination of Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead technology and newly-developed resin ink. The printer also features real-time adaptive substrate handling and thermal management for the dimensional stability required for display and decor applications. It delivers flexibility, speed and precision.

SureColor SC-R series overview

Epson UltraChrome RS ink features:
– Developed by Epson as an original core technology.
– Increased substrate compatibility.
– Highly durable and scratch resistant.
– Quick drying.

Image quality features:
– Precision dot technology, including multi layer halftone.
– Long life printhead.
– High levels of colour consistency.
– Optimiser printing method.
– EMX profiles supported.

Reliability features:
– Anti dust design (dust suppression and media cleaning).
– Head guard.
– Ultra sonic detector.
– Nozzle verification technology.
– High accuracy substrate feeding.

Ultrachrome Resin Inks

The term ‘resin’ is widely used in the printing industry to describe inks containing a non-crystalline material found in both solid and liquid form. Its main role in the printing process is to bind the colourant/pigment to the substrate.

The use of resin ink boosts ink properties that increase hardness, gloss, flexibility and adhesion. This makes the ink type ideal for a variety of print substrates and applications such as POS, vehicle graphics, uncoated papers and textiles.

In the UltraChrome RS ink, Epson uses highly sophisticated resins and pigments suspended in a water-based solution. This chemistry is unique to Epson and has been developed to be highly reliable, stable and maximise the benefits of printing with Epson piezo printheads. It has been developed as complementary ink technology to Epson’s current range of commercial inks and offers additional optimised performance on many signage substrates.

Reliability features:
– High media feeding accuracy: using proven technology from Epson’s award-winning S Series printers.
– Users can be assured of dimension accuracy from print to print from the beginning.
– The ultra sonic detector has a head rubbing detection function. It automatically detects substrate jams and avoids head collisions and associated damage to the printhead.

Epson Edge Dashboard software

With this software, users have full control of all their devices and they can also import different media for the devices. They can upload this media to the printer’s control panel. It is compatible with almost all the RIP vendors, so it will update the RIP software with the EMX files with all the settings automatically to the RIP software itself. The accounting tool allows users to do post-costing. With the cost of print, it will outline the millilitre usage used to print a specific job. You can also add the costing of your media to this to ascertain the total cost as well as export all the print information to an Excel spreadsheet where costing and billing purposes can be done for specific customers. It is very easy to set up.

Aziza Mahomed, Kemtek Business Development Manager, said, ‘Kemtek have a direct to market offering on Epson’s signage and resin printers. We can also supply as well as support Caldera RIP. We have a dedicated showroom with these products and we have stock of all the ranges, so we are ready to assist and take your orders. We also have a national footprint and accredited technicians.’

Mohamed explained that resin opens up a wider range of substrates and because water-based inks are safe to use, they allow users to tap into new markets such as the education and hospital sectors, indoor facilities and hotels.

Other Epson highlights available from Kemtek include the solvent range of signage printers with Ultrachrome GS3 inks, the 40610 model that offers economy, the 60610 model that offers speed and the 80610 or 80610L models that offer a wider colour gamut.

Kemtek are the sole South African distributors of Epson Moverio glasses, which offer remote support, limit downtime and reduce expenses. They save costs because technicians don’t have to travel around the country.

For further information, contact Aziza Mahomed for a dedicated on-site demonstration at:

Caldera software highlights

Pascal Bardin, Caldera Area Sales Manager, said that Caldera is not only a printing software but is made to increase productivity. It is ideal for applications such as: fashion, sportswear and beachwear, industrial printing, signs and digital graphics, soft signage, vehicle wraps, custom sports apparel and home decor. Users can choose the regular VisualRip or the new SignRip for Epson printers.

Software benefits:
– Offers stability and is very robust, making it a good long-term investment.
– Caldera is very fast – turning hours into minutes. New versions of the software are 4-7 times faster than previous versions. That is why it is important to get the latest version.
– Eases organisation of your work by increasing collaboration and coordinating teams (sales, prepress, print and delivery).
– Very good open architecture. You can start small and add new printers and computers as you go along.
– Best multi-brand compatibility. Caldera is a big Epson partner worldwide and offers over 1600 drivers for over 100 manufacturers. You can drive different brands of machines (including cutting machines) with one software.
– Colour Control with Easymedia. Users get the same colours on all machines each time they print, and on all media and with all inks.
– Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) is included. This ensures full compatibility.
– Prepress feature: Tiling+ allows you to cut big pictures into small parts. It helps define print zones, decide sizes and overlaps and defines the order of the tiles. You save hours compared to Photoshop.
– Add bleed in two seconds and add bleed even on curved contours with a one click option.
– True shape nesting: uses the actual contours of an image, ignoring any blank space or bounding boxes, to nest images together in a way that minimises media waste when cut.
– InkPerformer: this feature, developed in partnership with Alwan Color Expertise, calculates a new colour combination, which decreases the quantity of ink used while maintaining a visual accuracy of colours. Reduce ink consumption by 20-30%.
– Training and support.

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