Keeping Printed Graphics Clean And Germ Free


Gardiner Graphics Supplies Europe have put together some handy tips so that those in key environments know how to best clean their laminated book covers, menus, printed signs and retail POS product whilst maintaining their quality and purpose.

What is your laminate or printed graphic made from?

To know the best way to disinfect your laminated sign, menu, book or POS product you must first understand what it is made from. Different plastics react differently, and often negatively, to certain types of disinfectant.

What types of disinfectant should I use ?

To effectively sanitise a laminated item, a type of liquid disinfectant is best suited to your substrate. Remember: check the label carefully and always follow manufacturers’ application instructions. Always wear gloves.

• Isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
• Ethanol.
• Glycerine.
• Hydrogen peroxide.

Disinfecting PET (Polyester) based films?

You are in luck. PET is one of the most robust plastic substrates to sanitise as its resilient structure can withstand any of the listed recommended liquid disinfectants. Still, always follow the instructions on the label.

Disinfecting PVC films?

For PVC, try to look out for a glycerine or hydrogen peroxide based agent to get the best results. Whilst you can use isopropyl effectively, over time and with a deep clean, this will start to dissolve the plasticisers within the PVC.

Disinfecting PP (Polypropylene films)?

If your print or laminate is made from polypropylene, you must try to avoid hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning agents that will damage your graphic. Stick to a commonly found isopropyl product or glycerin if you have it available.

Handy tips

Always take extra care around the edges of your printed item. If any type of liquid disinfectant has the opportunity to ingress (that means to creep under the layer of laminate) it will affect the adhesive and cause it to lift, damaging your print.

Always clean carefully and with a soft non-abrasive, lint-free cloth or paper towel. Anything rough or textured will scratch your print. Take extra care when cleaning floor decals as damaged and lifting edges can become a trip hazard.

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