STIXO-Signage Supplies

The company has introduced a sublimation printable rubber in roll/sheet form. Companies that wish to sublimate onto mouse pads, coasters, bar mats and floor mats have up to now been forced to buy the blank product in pre-set sizes. With the new rubber rolls, it’s now possible to die-cut the rubber into any shape or size the client requires, while still being able to sublimate it.

Mouse pads cut out of a roll of this material cost less than purchasing the pre-cut product. The rubber rolls have a white printable fabric surface which is applied to the rubber during the vulcanising process. This prevents the fabric from delaminating from the rubber.
All sublimation mouse pads, coasters and the like are cut from rolls of this type.
The rolls are 30m x 1m wide, and are 2.5mm thick. They can be purchased either in complete rolls, or per square metre.

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